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But after all, what is the most used standard FLYER size?

Knowing now the differences between flyer and folder, how to develop a good flyer and what is the purpose of this material,

you may be wondering what is the most used standard flyer size, isn't it?

And here you will check what information a folder must contain !


Below, we made a list of the most used standard flyer sizes:


Size 10x15cm
This is the standard flyer size and also the one most used by establishments such as beauty salons, pet shops, bakeries and other small establishments. Usually only one side of this type of flyer is printed. Also read:

How to make an information folder.

Ah, the size of this type of flyer can vary between 8x16cm and 10x16cm.


Size 15×21cm
This type of flyer size, on the other hand, is more used by slightly larger companies in order to publicize promotions, as the size allows them to add a little more information.

Generally, this type of flyer is printed on both sides.

There is also a variation between 9x19cm, 13x19cm and 17x20cm.


Size 21x31cm
This type of standard flyer size is used by companies in the industrial segment at fairs to present specific products. They no longer have a large-scale distribution goal like the others. They are also used with double-sided printing and on a stronger type of paper.

The variation of this type of pattern can vary between 13x30cm, 18x22cm, 19x23cm and 19x21cm.


To make sure the job is done right, ask for sampling and examples before budgeting.

You can also check the Flayers portfolio.

Also remember that the more quantity you print, the lower the cost of the units.